Roles and responsibilities

MAs have the following roles and responsibilities under the F4S Programme:

  • Seek cooperation with the relevant governmental authorities in order to promote the F4S Programme within their respective territories, and obtain a written statement from the relevant governmental authorities, e.g. the Ministry of Education, so that the participating schools can include the F4S Programme in their curricula or extracurricular activities
  • Ensure and monitor that the participating schools comply at all times with the requirements
  • Provide FIFA with a list of the participating schools
  • Ensure that the value-in-kind football equipment is made available to the participating schools through collaboration with the World Food Programme (if applicable) and local authorities
  • Respect all applicable laws, including those relating to data protection and privacy
  • Send nominated representatives to be trained as master trainers on the F4S Programme who will then train the national trainers, who will in turn train coach-educators at the relevant schools
  • Assist with planning and coordinating the national and/or local training of trainers in their country or territory, ensuring that coach-educators are effectively trained to deliver the programme. This includes cooperating with the relevant authorities to deliver this training
  • Designate a contact person within their administration to be responsible for liaising with the participating schools, the relevant governmental authorities and FIFA
  • Provide FIFA with regular monitoring reports and updates, including informing FIFA of any difficulties encountered during the implementation of the F4S Programme
  • Indemnify and hold FIFA harmless from any complaint, claim, demand for damages and interest, or liability related to the implementation of the F4S Programme

Avoid any situation giving rise to a conflict of interest